"When did you decide to be gay?"

Last week. I woke up and I was like I want to be judged and not accepted by most of society and denied basic human rights. I thought it would be fun to not be allowed to get married and to be called rude names when I’m with the person I love. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

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Tatiana Maslany, a Comic Con rockstar, at her “Orphan Black” panel at SDCC, Room 6A, Friday July 25, 2014. A fan told her about how one of her characters, Cosima, saved her life and it made Maslany cry. This album of photos captures those tears. 

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but imagine if we had tiny little dragons

the size of puppies

and they would go wherever we went sitting on our shoulders and hissing at everyone who tried to touch you because you’re their most special thing in the universe and they are so tiny it’s ridiculously cute

the fact that this post has more notes than i ever expected makes me really glad 

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